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Awaken your


That old age saying of ‘if a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound?’ Well we aim to utilise all your senses to create unique experiences that will leave you with more questions than answers..



Start conversations

If you aim to please everyone it probably will fail. However, here we create an experience we ourselves would enjoy; coming to NO IDEA is like coming to our home. We want to bring people back to talking around the dinner table; create those special moments that pictures couldn’t do justice.

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Our past is the marker for the things we like or don’t like; our aim however is to give you a place to experience things again for the first time. Let the present dictate the future, not the past.

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Create memories

Sometimes you don’t realise the power of a moment until it becomes a memory. Let us wow you with our approach to fine dining and leave you wanting more and more..